Trump's most outlandish, bombastic, and eye-popping tweets of 2017

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump did a lot of tweeting in 2017.

On many days, Trump's tweeting provided the headline material for his roller-coaster first year as president.

He attacked everyone from former President Barack Obama to actress Meryl Streep. He tweeted about the Russia investigation, "fake news," 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, his travel ban, television hosts, and often what was airing on the "Fox & Friends" morning show in real time.

In total, Trump smashed the "tweet" button more than 2,500 times in 2017. And he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Here are the 60 most outlandish, eye-popping, and bombastic Trump tweets of 2017:

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When he chastised "so-called 'Russian hacking'"

When he hit back at Hollywood legend Meryl Streep for calling him out in an acceptance speech

When he asked if we are "living in Nazi Germany?"

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