6 reasons you should buy an iPhone SE instead of any of the fancy new iPhones

Apple has a new iPhone on the way that looks incredible, is faster than ever, and ... is outrageously expensive. The base model costs $1,000. One thousand dollars!

iPhone X

But there's good news, friends: There's a far better iPhone out there right now, and it costs less than half the price of the absurdly priced iPhone X.

That phone is the iPhone SE — Apple's best iPhone. Here's the deal.

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1. The iPhone SE is remarkably affordable, at just $350 to start.

Millions of people will excitedly plunk down a full stack for the iPhone X. It's more than just a phone — it's a status symbol. I get it. It's a much more affordable version of a Ferrari. Fine. But I'm a Honda Civic kinda guy.

I want something affordable, powerful enough, and long-lasting. I'm not trying to impress anyone, nor am I the kind of person who lives on the bleeding edge of tech gadgets. That's why I was excited to see that, alongside the announcement of the iPhone X, Apple quietly made the iPhone SE $50 less expensive.

At $350 to start, with 32 GB of storage and the internals of an iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE is the perfect Honda Civic of smartphones.

2. The iPhone SE is shockingly powerful.

The chip that powers the iPhone SE also powers the iPhone 6S and the most recent iPad. It's called the Apple A9, and it's more horsepower than you need in a smartphone — Apple calls it "the most powerful 4‑inch phone ever," specifically because of that chip.

More than just a zippy device, the A9 powers 4K video recording, high-definition games, and pretty much everything else you want to do with your iPhone. Most importantly, the A9 makes the iPhone SE feel like a modern phone in terms of everyday use.

3. Like other iPhones and prominent Android phones, it has a killer camera.

The iPhone SE doesn't have optical image stabilization or wide-color capture like the newer iPhones, so it won't perform as well in low light, and videos won't be as smooth. But don't worry: Everything from 4K video to HDR photos is built into the iPhone SE. And yes, you can take "live photos" on the iPhone SE, just as you would on any other recent iPhone.

Most importantly, though, you can snap crisp, beautifully detailed photos using the iPhone SE's 12-megapixel rear camera — its aperture is slightly different from the newer phones, but the camera's the same as the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 lines, and the iPhone X. Like the A9 chip at the heart of the iPhone SE, the camera on the iPhone 6S is built into the iPhone SE.

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