The top 17 startups to launch so far in 2017


While much of Silicon Valley has been consumed by the drama at Uber, tech's most valuable startup, a whole new class of companies launched in the first half of 2017 hoping to change the world, become the next unicorn — or just build a successful business. 

Business Insider spoke to founders and venture capitalists and took a look at funding data to identify some of the startups that had the biggest starts in 2017. Some names on the list are officially launching out of stealth, while others are still in their early stages.

From a VR arcade company to a recycling startup with mysterious ties to Tesla, here are 17 of the top startups to launch this year: 

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Essential, from the creator of Android, is gunning for Apple and Samsung.

What it is: A consumer gadget company founded by Andy Rubin that's designed a new smartphone to challenge Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy devices. It calls that gadget, simply, the Essential Phone.

Rubin is best known as the guy who created Android, sold it to Google, and nurtured it into the most popular smartphone operating system on the planet. He left Google back in 2014, founded a startup incubator, and then helped launch Essential under its umbrella. 

After working on Essential's phone in stealth for years, Rubin unveiled it in May. The device is just the start of the startup's ambitions. The company also has a smart home hub in the works that's intended to control everything from smart light bulbs to connected toasters.

Funding: $330 million from Redpoint Ventures and others, according to Bloomberg.


Brandless wants to be the new 'Procter & Gamble for millennials.'

What it is: A consumer packaged goods company that offers everything from dish soap to olive oil to kitchen knives. The company offers all of its products for a single low price of $3 each through its website. 

Officially launched in early July, Brandless is making a bet that you don't care as much about the brands you consume as you think. None of its products are from name brands; instead they all carry its "brandless" private label. Rather than having a big logo emblazoned on them with a bunch of marketing hype, the packages Brandless' products come in just say what the products are and list their attributes. 

Funding: $50 million from investors including Cowboy Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and Google Ventures.


Forward is a new doctor's office that's like an Apple Store meets 'Westworld'.

What it is: A futuristic medical practice designed by Google and Uber alums that's been described as a doctor's office from "Westworld."

Launched in January, Forward offers a futuristic take on the popular concierge medical practice model, complete with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, an artificial-intelligence system that listens and takes notes for physicians, and a pricey $149 monthly membership.

Funding: Unknown.


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