New update transforms HTC’s latest flagship into a portable Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa App

If you have an Echo Dot from Amazon, we've told you on several occasions about a very cool accessory from Vaux that instantly transforms it into a portable Alexa speaker. There's even a less expensive option called the Fremo Evo, and it's far more compact as well. The Echo Dot is a pretty awesome portable speaker, but even with the smaller Evo accessory it still won't fit in your pocket. Of course, some day just about every Android phone will also be an Alexa phone as Amazon continues to build new partnerships that push Alexa's reach further than ever before, and the first flagship Android phone with Alexa voice service built in was released earlier this year. Now, however, a new Alexa phone joins the fray, and it's by far the hottest option yet for people looking to carry Amazon's virtual personal assistant in their pockets.

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