Latest Galaxy Note 8 leak paints a different picture of the phone’s design

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of a small handful of new smartphones set to debut in the second half of 2017 that people are actually excited about. Apple's iPhone 8 is obviously the most hotly anticipated handset, but the Note 8 might be a close second, depending on who you ask. Then there are the upcoming new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, which can't come soon enough to satisfy hardcore Android fans. But those aren't really mass market devices, and Google's Pixel sales are barely a blip on the radar. Actually, Samsung will sell more Note 8 handsets in one month than Google sells in a full year.

The Galaxy Note 8 is indeed expected to be the most impressive smartphone Samsung has ever created, and it's already destined to be a smash hit as long as it doesn't start spontaneously exploding like last year's Galaxy Note 7. Leaks have been flowing like crazy over the past few weeks, and they have all painted a fairly similar picture. But now the latest Note 8 leak suggests that the phone's design will be a bit different from what we were expecting.

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