Video: This iOS 11 mockup running on the iPhone 8 is blowing my mind

iPhone 8 Rumors

A few months ago, designer Vianney le Masne put together an absolutely stunning concept video depicting what Dark Mode on iOS 11 might look like. While iOS 11 mockups are certainly a dime a dozen these days, Masne's effort was so elegant and thoughtfully designed that it easily stood out from the rest of the pack.

Of course, Apple at WWDC did not introduce an official Dark Mode option for iOS 11, though a "Smart Invert Colors" toggle is certainly a step in the right direction. That notwithstanding, Masne recently put together an intriguing collection of photos which help illustrate what iOS 11 may look like on Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 8. Though we already have a clear idea as to how iOS 11 will look and feel on existing devices, it remains unclear how Apple plans to tweak iOS 11 as to take advantage of the iPhone 8's larger screen real estate and edgeless display.

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