These are the states that actually care about internet companies screwing you over

State AGs send FCC comment

The FCC is currently in the middle of a fight between internet providers and state regulators over ads for internet service. In short, the telecoms industry wants to use an FCC rule about internet speeds claimed in adverts -- namely that advertising a "maximum" speed that isn't really achievable isn't false advertising -- to protect itself from lawsuits from individual US states. Two industry groups have already filed a petition with the FCC to this effect.

As you'd expect, states aren't wild about giving up consumer protection powers to a decidedly non-consumer-friendly FCC, and 35 states have banded together to lobby the FCC to ignore the industry petition. The list of states backing the comment to the FCC serves a useful secondary purpose: giving us an idea of which state governments actually give a crap about internet companies screwing over consumers.

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