OnePlus 5 review

OnePlus 5 Review

With a slogan like "Never Settle" and ongoing interest from the most savvy and advanced Android users in the world, OnePlus has no choice but to deliver something truly impressive each and every year when it launches its next-generation flagship smartphones. Hardcore Android fans are some of the most critical smartphone users in the world, demanding tremendous power, smooth performance, and killer value if they are to consider any phones that aren't "pure Android" devices from Google. Despite sky-high expectations surrounding its recent smartphone releases, OnePlus has managed to come through. Branded by some as flagship killers, OnePlus' phones regularly offer premium specs and performance that are priced far lower than comparable smartphones sold by big-name vendors like Samsung and Apple.

The just-announced OnePlus 5 doesn't come as much of a surprise to Android fans, since details surrounding the phone have leaked so extensively over the past month. Leaks never paint a complete picture though, and such is the case with the hot new OnePlus 5.

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