Live coverage: Watch live as OnePlus unveils the hot new OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 Launch Event Live Stream

OnePlus might not have a marketing budget like Samsung or a massive loyal following like Apple, but there's no question that hardcore Android fans are excited to see the OnePlus 5 unveiled on Tuesday. The company has become well known for releasing smartphones with flagship specs at prices that seem impossible compared to big-name smartphone vendors. Despite undercutting its largest rivals such as Samsung and Apple, OnePlus always manages to pack impressive specs and killer performance into its devices. With the OnePlus 5, it appears as though the company will push things to the next level, offering a stunningly sleek smartphone with specs that are even more impressive than market-leading phones like the Galaxy S8.

We've all seen the leaks, we've all read the rumors, and now it's finally time for the OnePlus 5 to be unveiled.

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