Interview: Meet the exciting AI company helping machines ‘see’ like humans

Artificial Intelligence Progress

There’s a good chance the next big step forward in artificial intelligence innovation is going to come out of Israel. And when it does, the Tel Aviv-based AI startup Cortica may well be the source of that breakthrough. Indeed, the company is already well on its way. The company plans to ramp up its hiring, co-founder and CEO Igal Raichelgauz tells BGR, in addition to building an AI product solution that can be extended to several industry verticals.

The company’s ambitions belie its size. What Raichelgauz and his team are working to perfect is an unsupervised learning system with a human-level understanding of images. It’s even why the founders chose the name they did for the company. Basically, they want to give machines the ability to “see” like we do thanks to our visual cortex, that part of the brain that helps us process what we see. And to mimic the way our cortex works by instantly “seeing” and helping us make sense instantly of the world around us many times a second.

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