The HomeKit-enabled Eve Degree will tell you how humid your garden is

Elgato’s new Eve Degree device will monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures between zero degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as humidity levels throughout your home. And the best part is that it runs off a replaceable coin cell battery that’ll last up to a year.

Now, if you don’t feel like walking over to check the device, you can view its data through a companion iOS app or the HomeKit app. It pairs with your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth. If you have a fourth-generation Apple TV or an iPad that’s also a Home Hub, Eve Degree can automatically trigger different actions, like turning on a humidifier if the air is dry.

Regardless of whether you’re physically watching the device, you’ll still probably want to check out the app because you’ll be able to see air pressure measurements in addition to humidity and temperature. The app visualizes all this data as historical graphs, so you can figure out trends over time. Elgato is positioning its new gadget as a tool for growing plants, especially because it’s water resistant. Maybe this is the key to keeping your plants alive. The Eve Degree goes on sale June 6th for $69.95 on Amazon and through