Sketchy rumor suggests we might see the iPhone 8 very soon

iPhone 8 Release

For as much as we think we know about the iPhone 8, there are two details about Apple's next-gen iPhone that remain a complete mystery. For one, there's still no telling what Apple will actually call the device, with some rumors pointing towards Apple naming it the iPhone Edition. Second, we still have no idea when the iPhone 8 will actually launch.

While previous iPhone launches have all been released on a rather predictable schedule -- save for the iPhone 4S -- the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 release are all over the map. Over the past few weeks alone, we've seen indications that the device may launch as early as September and as late as December. And just this week, a new research note from Deutsche Bank relayed that the iPhone 8 release date might be pushed all the way back until 2018.

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