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As digital media sours on Facebook, traditional TV shows like The Dodo's partnership with Animal Planet could help diversify revenue — but they're tricky to pull off

Digital media companies are looking to diversify revenue, especially as Facebook becomes an unreliable partner.Traditional TV shows have been considered a good opportunity, however, they can be hard to actually complete.We spoke to The Dodo's leadership about their upcoming collaboration with Animal Planet, "Dodo Heroes," with an eye toward what can get a show the green light.
The digital media world is in a twitchy mood, and the culprit is Facebook, which has been sending gradually less traffic to publishers over the last few months, even in an area that it once called the future of the platform: video.This has led to belt-tightening around the industry and at least one death (Little Things) already. And smart publishers are looking at the projects they hoped would diversify their revenue away from a reliance on a single tech giant, and assessing when they will bear fruit.For video publishers, one of the growth opportunities bandied about has been the development of TV …

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