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Company behind the Goop stickers NASA called BS on says it didn’t realize it was lying

Late last week, Gwyneth Paltrow's health startup Goop came under fire for peddling high-priced "healing stickers" which claimed to offer relief from anxiety, pain, and other ailments through some magical pseudoscience that has no backing in reality. It creators claimed the stickers used material that NASA uses in astronaut space suits. NASA weighed in, debunking the claim, and a former NASA scientist called the whole thing "BS." It reflected extremely poorly on both Goop and Body Vibes, the company who actually makes the stickers, and now it has issued a statement making the whole brouhaha seem like nothing more than a big misunderstanding. Yeah right.Continue reading...Trending right now:Latest huge Galaxy Note 8 leak points to troubling trend in 2017Watch a security developer exact sweet revenge on IRS scammersThis speaker sounds almost as good as Sonos, but it’s waterproof and less than half the price

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